PenguinKind, 501 small sustainable actions under $100

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Thoughtful, witty, and well-researched, PenguinKind is a comprehensive book to guide you through the hundreds of small lifestyle changes required to live safely and sustainably in the new normal. You will be surprised at how easily it becomes second nature to use a safety razor instead of disposable alternatives, measure laundry detergent rather than free-flow pouring, time your showers, make your own condiments, think outside the gift box, transform used coffee grounds into a face scrub, wrap gifts with your own art, and make sorbet from browning bananas.

Peppered among the chapters are stories about penguins and their quirky ways. As the indicator species for ocean health, penguins are represented in this book as the ambassadors for all wildlife, to remind us that we are on a treacherous path and must take action to get off it.

Proceeds from PenguinKind will help fund scientific research and conservation tracking through the Global Penguin Society and NZ Penguin Initiative.

PenguinKind is packed with stories of Carolyn’s personal journey towards sustainability, falling in love with the farm boy next door after 30 years apart, and implementing all 500 of the small sustainable actions. These are woven with stunning penguin photography by Richard Robinson and delightful illustrations by Italian fashion illustrator Andrea Tarella.

This is the book that every household needs, to help get us closer to a world where humanity, wildlife and the Planet can respectfully co-exist.