Back in The Day

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'A look back in time to the cars we used to drive on the West Coast in the good old days.'

Join Moe Bowes as he takes you on a journey back in time to rediscover the cars that defined the West Coast and it's people. Filled with great local stories and classic images, Back In The Day and Back In The Day: Book 2 capture the mate-ship, enthusiasm and history of the cars of the 60's and 70's - and the people who drove them. 

Through storytelling and images generously donated by people from all over the West Coast, Moe brings history to life: The Coasters' adventures crossing the Nullarbor Plain, locals building a speedway around Wingham Park, and many more iconic events which will make you laugh and take you back to the good old days.

Buy one or collect them both. They are must-have books for any vintage car lover. 

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